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Expanded Spectrum Systems will be filling this web site with projects that will spark your interest in electronics and Amateur Radio. Combined with some basic support for projects already in use ESS will integrate today's ideas with the new and exciting technology of tomorrow. ESS is looking for new ideas from our clients. Have an idea you think someone else would like? Contact ESS with your original electronic projects for review. It may just be the item we are looking for.

The Freakin' Beacon is taking on another role. Requests have been coming in for a way to have a GPS synchronized beacon. The reason to have a GPS synchronized beacon is the ability to put more than one beacon on the same frequency like the international beacons. A group of beacons could be centralized on one frequency to eliminate tuning around to find several beacons in different locations. Listen on 28250 MHz for the first of the synchronized beacons on the air. These are but a few of the applications. It has been our experience that when we put a new product on the market we receive lots of requests for applications that we never considered. Go to the Freakin' Beacon page to get the introduction to this new application. If you already own and FB1 or FB2 and want to give this a try you can download the PIC code from the Freakin' Beacon page.
You can get involved in the conversations about synchronized beacons on a mailing group at http://fernblatt.net/mailman/listinfo/beaconsynch_fernblatt.net Take a look at what is going on.
You can always send an email directly to ESS with your questions and we will answer them as soon as possible.

Beacons high in the sky? The Freakin' Beacon might make a great beacon controller for your next balloon or rocket experiment. FB1 weighs in at 17 grams and is 2.2" x 1.75" nominal.

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!

:: ESS updates ::

02/18/2016 - Spring is about to do just that, spring. Hams everywhere will be getting their antenna projects going. Time to repair and replace. Take time to plan and take a good look at how the ladder is doing and where the power lines are. Stay safe and think about the fact that you will not be on the radio much from a hospital room. BE SAFE and THANKS to all for your continued use of our crystals. Rich - N4ESS

12/05/2008 - Expanded Spectrum Systems will no longer be accepting direct payments via credit card for orders. We will continue to accept personal checks, money orders, and you can continue to pay via credit cards through PayPal. Thank you for your continued support of our products.

HELPFUL HINT: A couple of our customers have needed assistance recently with kit construction, REMEMBER: Never hesitate to ask us. Parts can be a problem sometimes. Remember to check the parts as you install them. Incorrect values in the circuit will keep it from functioning and cause lots lost time. Keep a magnifying glass handy to confirm the values of small parts to make sure that you have an enjoyable experience with your kit. Thank you for all the questions and keep them coming.

HW-8 QRP Transceiver - I would like to thank everyone for visiting our site. The article, "Smoother tuning for the HW-8 transceiver" by Bill Coleman, N4ES, has been downloaded by our visitors more times than it would have been seen if it had been published in a magazine. Thank you for your patronage. If you have written an article pertaining to Amateur Radio and would like it posted in our articles section for public viewing please submit a copy to us for review. These must be original articles of your own. Thanks again, Rich - N4ESS

The Freakin' Beacon just became a lot easier to program. It was easy to begin with but now it is just plain simple. Peter Jennings, VE3SUN, has put together a simple and easy approach to getting the message you want with little more than just than a few keystrokes. The link is on the link page and another on the Freakin' Beacon page. Thanks Peter.

Synchronized Beacons Listen on 28250 for the Synced beacons.

ALWAYS - SPECIAL ORDER CRYSTALS. I have received several requests for crystal orders on special frequencies not usually offered on our web site. I will begin accepting requests for quotes for HC49 crystals on special frequencies. The minimum order will be 100 crystals at a price I'm sure will be pleasing.

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